Posted by: babbo | June 10, 2014

The Next Daddy Brain Workshop @ Meriter Hospital is October 12th

The Daddy Brain Workshop @ Meriter
Sunday, October 12, 2014


Meriter Hospital
2650 Novation Parkway
Madison, WI 53713


- Dad’s emotional life
– Transition into fatherhood
– Co-parenting
– Positive and negative forms of discipline
– Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner
– Intimacy issues
– Coping with exhaustion
– Bonding with baby
– Second-class parent syndrome
– Goals for dad, kids and the family
– Maintaining a balance, as best as possible
– Supporting mom and and asking for support

The workshop is a safe place for dads, and dads-to-be to share, learn and be heard. Hope to see you there!

For more info, or to register, please visit the Daddy Brain “Dad’s Day” Workshop @ Meriter Hospital.

And remember, you are not alone …

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